Privacy Policy does not save any of your personal Google account data. When you share your location with, it is only for the purposes of displaying maps of your current location and search results that are relevant for your current location. We do not save your location or share or use any location information with any other parties.

MANNER IN WHICH CAMPLOGGER ACCESSES YOUR DATA: All authentication services to save personal items such as logs, diaries, and checklists is done through Google Secure Authentication tokens so that we do not have direct contact with any of your account information. Our website is built on Google Sites secure web architecture so that you can be assured that your data is kept secure, private, backed up, and served to you quickly and efficiently.

MANNER IN WHICH CAMPLOGGER USES YOUR DATA: uses your data to authenticate your identity, to allow you to save and retrieve personal camping logs, to allow you to save and retrieve personal camping checklists, to allow you to share camping sites via email to your Google Contacts, and to allow you to link Google photos albums to your camping logs. does not use your data for tracking, sales, or advertising.

MANNER IN WHICH CAMPLOGGER STORES YOUR DATA: stores your only your account identification information on a secured Google Cloud Platform server. No other Google account information or data is stored.

MANNER IN WHICH CAMPLOGGER SHARES YOUR DATA: does not share your data or any identifying account information with anyone, ever. Your data is not shared with any other party.

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